Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Am I?

(Breaking away from my usual post today. Because I can).

Am I stronger because of cancer?
Am I smarter because of cancer?
Am I nicer?
Am I a bigger pain in the ass?
Am I a better Husband?
Am I more aware of my faults?
My strengths?
My good & bad habits?
Am I a better listener?
Am I a better writer?
Am I the person I thought I would be?
Am I ever gonna grow up?
Am I oblivious?
Am I obvious?
Am I the same as I ever was?
Am I still young?
Am I old enough to know better but young and dumb enough to try it anyway?
Am I fooling myself?
Am I the kind of person you want in your corner?
Am I the kind of person my higher power expects me to be?
I do know what I am.
I am blessed to live today.
I am.