Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Color Purple.

So today is World cancer Day, huh? (I don't put a cap on the "c" in cancer, ever. I don't want to give it that distinction).

Full disclosure: I am employed in the social media world. Any opinions expressed here are my own and do NOT reflect the opinions or practices of my current employer. The reason I write the above is because I'm a little conflicted on the efforts of some brands and their support of cancer research and prevention. Most notably, Chevy and their truck line's current Facebook posting https://www.facebook.com/ChevyTrucks which promises to give money and support to the fight against cancer. I'm also conflicted because I like their position which is "to make this cancer's last century" and the fact they are united with the American cancer Society.

The reason for my consternation is this: Purple Your Profile will receive the following info: your public profile and friend list. Uh, no thank you. Why? I'm afraid what they'll do with my profile and friend list. Meaning, will it clog up my FB friend's news feed and right rail with countless other "promotions"? What are they going to do with all that information? Are they going to help me pay my medical bills when cancer comes back? Do they really care about my story?

Yes, I'm a cynical bastard. Comes from learning about life mostly from the streets and 30+ years in a dog-eat-or-kill-your-dog business. I'm also very passionate about the prospects of having cancer become a disease in which the survival rate is as close to 100% as possible. Not just for me but for my Children, my Grandchildren and my soon-to-be Grandson who is arriving in this world in less than 30 days. So you won't see me "purple" my FB profile. I don't have anything against Chevy or the color purple.

I just try to fight every day without any commercial influence.