Monday, February 13, 2012

The Battle Of Today

As strange as this may sound, I'm a big Whitney Houston fan. Style, grace and an angelic voice that only God could have helped create.

The news of her passing came with extreme sorrow and disappointment––and fear. She was an addict. She was not unlike the millions of others who fight addiction every day. She was human. And that's where the so called " we are all created equal" truly does come to life. We can become powerless over something that is so terribly bad for us but make us feel so good. For some of us it's work (workaholic). It's food. It's a drug and/or alcohol that we can't live 24 hours without that very second.

I'm fearful because I believe that each and everyone of us is susceptible to giving in to the traps of excess, of the inability to manage and ultimately abuse ourselves at any moment that will change our lives forever in a negative fashion. I'm also acutely aware that a a cancer survivor, those moments become even more special and precious. The battle today is all that matters. I can "win" this moment, this hour, this day. It's not going to be easy but then, what is?

I have to thank my Father, for helping realizing the importance of taking care of yourself TODAY, one day at a time. Because of that, he is still alive today. For Whitney, she lost the battle and the war on Saturday. I have no idea how she passed or if they will find out exactly why she left this earth too soon. It wasn't what she did last week, last year or even the night before her tragic. It was this past Saturday that won. And we are all a bit worse off.

Today won again.