Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Found Some Inspiration.

I often wonder if not posting sends a message. That message being "oh crap, he's not writing––is he still alive?"

Taking time to share has not been a priority lately. At that's not good. The reason is ridiculous, actually, I was looking for inspiration and a "cause." As if being blessed to live today is not cause enough. So the excuses piled up. Until today.

I listen to Mike & Mike in the morning on my commute to work every day. For me it's a diversion from work, the daily bullshit and the horrible drivers I encounter each and every morning, most of them looking at their cell phones instead of the road. This morning, I couldn't stop crying when listening. Because it's the 10 Annual V Foundation Auction and the stories, call-ins, text messages and emails were so powerful. And sad. And hopeful.

I'm coming up on my 7th cancerversary. August 7, 2007 was when I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time––skin cancer being the second and last, God willing––and that means seven extra years of life. SEVEN YEARS. Hard to imagine it's been so long. Even harder to imagine all that has happened in these seven precious years. Some of things I would have missed had I not been alive: the birth of two Grandchildren, the marriage of my Daughter, her Graduation and my Son's Graduation from college, a new job that has brought me lifelong friends, more conversations with my Father and spending more time with the love of my life, my Wife, Teresa.

No more excuses. No more extreme lapses between posts. Much more living. And one last thing, something that Jimmy V said that helped me forever in my cancer battles. Don't give up. Don't ever give up.