Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keeping It Together.

It's been a long month since my last post. I have to admit it's not been a lack of thoughts/experiences/stories to tell. Just the opposite.

My Mother's birthday was April 26. I didn't do too well the days leading up to her birthday––my Mom passed away in October of 2011––and with Mother's Day looming, I'm thinking about her even more.

I lost one of my best suddenly two weeks ago. Too young and full of life to go but he did. I still haven't come to grips with his passing. And with his birthday in less than a month, I'm sure I'll be thinking of Larry even more.

Work has been challenging, as time off seems impossible. I've already changed my vacation plans twice due to work. With 4 weeks of vacation––I negotiated that before I came on board––to take in the next 6+ months, I'm looking at losing some of that I'm sure. Not to mention the fact that I need to take days off for my cancer check-ups. Which, by the way, start today. And that's another mental process to add to the rest of the bullshit. Yeah, I'm not myself. I'm angry, frustrated, emotional and searching for answers to questions that have no answers.

Like I said, keeping it togther. One minute at a time.