Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Voices Of The Angels

I have to thank cancer––yeah, I know that sounds awful––for making me appreciate the things in life I used to take for granted.

While the line above seems weird, awkward and maybe even somewhat stupid, I now treat every day as a blessing. You may have read some of my earlier posts that describe my beliefs. If you haven't, it's as simple as this––I am more spiritual than religious and believe in a higher power much greater than me. That means I believe in God in the way and manner I am comfortable with and don't try to convert or dismiss others who believe in the God of their choice. Choice being the winning word. (Thanks, Charlie). I have been face-to-face with death as I was going through chemo and radiation for 3 months. Not only is it terrifying but also somewhat unexplainable. And while I know my will to live and fight certainly helped me, I also knew that I would die some day. I just didn't want it to happen because of cancer. In an even stranger thought process as I was going through treatment, I also knew that I had no control of when death would decide it's time for me to go.

OK, Greg, what about the angel voices? No, I didn't hear whispers in my ear. But I did hear the most moving, powerful and spiritual voices in my life in a church in the center of the city of Detroit. These men and women sang from their SOULS. They literally brought tears to my eyes. Sent chills up and down my spine. Made me realize the power of the spirit in our lives. I was humbled. Honored. And extremely thankful that a higher power allowed me to experience this in person and right in front of me. They made me realize what was really important, in a tough day for me and my friends in the business I am in.

We are more than the jobs we do. The clothes we wear. The cars we drive. We are more than expensive homes. The number of followers we have. The titles on our business cards. How do I know?

The angels told me.