Saturday, January 10, 2009

My 2008 Best/Worst

After reading, viewing and searching thru the millions of "2008 Lists", I thought I'd throw mine out there. So I'm breaking form here––Cap, take note––and post The World According To Greg.

Best Memories
1. Cancer-free news after 6-month check-up. Teresa and I cried for joy together.
2. Skin-cancer free news right before Christmas. Best present not under the tree.
3. Ryan's Championship Ring. Proud of you, Son.
4. Kaity's Graduation, with Adam, Ryan, Travis––all of us––in attendance.
5. Adam getting his first client.
6. Travis getting his first Head Coaching job.
7. Waking up alive every day.

Worst Memories
1. Not having my Grandkids for Thanksgiving.
2. Chemo Brain.
3. The "Emergency Room Visit-Of-The Month".
4. Not being able to eat for 4 days in the hospital, tubes everywhere in my body.
5. Chemo Brain. Oh, I already said that.

Best Simple Moment
1. Smiling at things that used to make me angry.

Worst Single Moment
1. Back in the hospital, 12 hours after I had just left.

Most Historic Event
1. O-ba-ma. O-ba-ma. O-ba-ma.

Least Favorite Historic Event
1. The "C's" beating my Lakers.

Best Song
1. Ne-Yo, "Closer."

Worst Song
1. Too many to choose from.

Best TV Show
1. Supernatural

Worst TV Show
1. Once again, too many to choose from.

Best Time
1. Spending the Holidays with my family.

Worst Time
1. Thinking about whether or not cancer will come back. Every day.

But my best of 2008 is being able to share my innermost thoughts here. I look forward to being able to post another list like this in 2010. 

Thanks for all the love in 2008.