Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forget About It?

I read an article today about Kylie Minogue, Pop Star and cancer Survivor and you can find the entire article here http://aol.it/L22wwA There was one thought that stood out to me: "Over time, people have tendency to forget about it. Not me. A day does not go by without me thinking about it. Just looking in the mirror is enough––the scars are moral and physical."

Ms. Minogue is 7 years in remission. I'm on my "tour" of yearly check-ups––already went to my Oncologist––in what I hope will be the last round. I'm praying for 5 years cancer free (well, except for the skin cancer, that is). Yes, there were a few days I didn't think it was possible. But having a great mental attitude is KEY in fighting cancer. Not the idealist attitude or faking myself into thinking I'm going to beat cancer but true resolve, hope and fight to see what the day has to offer. No matter how good or bad the day turns out.

I know what she's talking about––those mirrors can be brutal and not in the "who's-the-fairest-of-them-all" way because that's NOT reality. And on my visit to Dr. Felice––my Oncologist––we talked about appearances. He said something to me that was really comforting in a strange way. He said, "you're almost 5 years from the cancer. You look great. People would never know you had cancer so recently. And that's good and bad. Good, because you are alive and cancer free. Bad, because you have long-lasting side effects that people can't see and you know how limiting they can be." How true. And something you do not want to admit when you're working and trying to stay ahead of the game.

I've posted before about my friend Matt, a cancer survivor who has been in remission for almost 20 years, who told me I'll get to the point where I don't think about cancer every day. And he was right, I don't think about it every day.

But just like Kylie Minouge, I won't TOTALLY forget about it.