Saturday, July 19, 2008

End cancer

There will be a day when the talk about cancer is all about prevention. We will know how to prevent cancer before the cancer cells we all have in our body start attacking. I truly believe it.

I have been treated for two forms of cancer. On August 7, 2007, I was diagnosed with Head & Neck cancer––Metastatic Cystic Squamous Cell Carcinoma cancer. I was also diagnosed with skin cancer––Squamous Cell Carcinoma––and had the first spot removed May 1, 2008. Totally unrelated. Completely shocked. cancer has an insidious way of taking over. It just hangs around, lurking underneath the surface waiting for the opportune time to strike. Hidden hell is what I call it. And I never––at least I try––capitalize the "c" in cancer. I don't want to give it that much credit.

I'm in remission now, with another scan of the upper half of my body scheduled for August. I'm taking it one day at a time, enjoying the simple moments life has to offer. I will not worry about the scan. That's not healthy.

I've debated long and hard whether to share my story. Which is oddly funny to me, since I'm in the communications business. 

So here I am. I feel compelled to share. Because there's another side to cancer that is often overlooked. The people who have to go through the experience with us. We get so focused––and rightfully so––on the person who has cancer, we forget about the people who love them. Parents. Partners. Spouses. Brothers and Sisters. Family. Co-workers. Friends. Best friends. This is their story through my eyes. cancer is not only about me. 

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GTwardak said...

Greg, I opened my mail at 2:30 this morning and saw info. about your new blog. I am so happy that you are writing it. Not only for yourself but for all of us that love you. I look forward to reading it. I know I will cry and sometimes laugh and I will always be so proud of you for your strength. Know that we love you and think about you all the time. I believe cancer can be beaten in our lifetime and will always support you. Keep writing! Love Ted and Gilda Twardak