Thursday, November 27, 2008


For my Wife.
For my Children, Adam, Ryan, Travis & Kaity.
For Lucas & Eli.
For family.
For my Mom, Dad, Angie, Wanda, Shan, Chris, Jeff and Marina.
For the God given ability to think.
For the little things.
For having a good job. (Any job, for that matter).
For having the strength to beat cancer. Twice.
For making the right decisions at the right time.
For having the intuition that I knew I had cancer––even before my diagnosis.
For good people to work with.
For best friends––Fred, Ben, Ted, Larry, Francis, Tom, & Jim.
For the opportunity to be there for others who are battling cancer.
For the love I receive every day.
For remembering all the pain––physical, emotional & mental––from my treatment.
For never forgetting how fragile life really is.
For having a new perspective.
For JB, Cap, Stevie Ramone, Andy, Lisa, Marcia, Rob, Paul, VW, Ally, Aimee, Jill, Leah, Chris, Juanita, Reem, JP, Richard, Kristin––KS & KF––Rachel, Nancy, the whole CS/DI and Sheri, who really is an angel.
For those who are fighting for our freedom.
For being alive to write this today.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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