Monday, November 16, 2009

Music For Life

I was inspired to write this by Cap, who sits next to me in the offices of Ogilvy and is "forced" to listen to my music after hours as we toil into the night.

Music helped get me through the tough times of my cancer treatments. I listen to everything from Pitbull to Perry Como. (This is what iTunes and Google was invented for––at least for me). So instead of a post about the good and bad times of chemo, needles and radiation, let me spit out a partial list that kept me in a good place. And helped me get out of the bad places.

Numb--Jay-Z & Linkin Park
Cause We Ended As Lovers––Jeff Beck
I Would Die 4 U––Prince
I Wanna Be Sedated––The Ramones
Stand Up––Ludacris
Mama Loves Mambo--Perry Como
It's My Life––No Doubt
Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Of The Mutha Sucka)––Parliament
This Is Not A Love Song––Public Image Ltd
Going To California––Led Zeppelin
I Walk Alone––Los Lobos
Until It Sleeps––Metallica
Without Me––Eminem
Working For The Clampdown––The Clash
Changes––David Bowie
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes--Elvis Costello
A Little Less Conversation––Elvis Presley
I Like The Way You Move––Outkast
Pet You And Hold You––Rockpile
No One To Depend On––Santana

Would it make a good "mix tape"? Who knows. But I do believe that music did at least one thing for me.

It gave me life.

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Jeff Caporizzo said...

I'm all over your music mixology, keep the recs coming.