Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Do I Know?

I just reconnected with a family friend who I love dearly. (That's for another post, Annie).

She had sent me some information about cancer--very helpful and most of it I'm already doing and then some--that got me thinking about what happened to me about a year ago. I had been writing this blog for myself, mainly, and also for anyone who cared to know about me and my thoughts. I never thought about it "getting picked up" by others in the blogosphere. Until I received an email from CR Magazine and how they wanted to talk to me about my blog. Really? Me? CR Magazine is published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the world's oldest and largest professional organization devoted to cancer research. (Note the word "devoted". Nice). And they wanted permission to interview me and publish one of my blog posts.

The writer in me was flattered. The cancer patient in me was humbled. The voice inside my head said, "yeah, baby". They asked me which was my favorite post. I told them the "last one I get to write." (Yeah, there was about 5 seconds of silence on the other end. Just a little gallows humor. Keeps me smiling and not taking myself too seriously). She said "you don't have a favorite?" It's like trying to pick your favorite kid--if you have more than one--you just can't do that. (Not because they might find out they're Daddy's fave). Because each post I write is energized by a moment in the day, a look on someones face or a milestone in my life. And many other special reasons.

A year later, I'm not sure if I feel better because I know more about cancer or because I can't FEEL any cancer in my body--I posted about this before--or because people like NCI, AACR and StandUp2Cancer are doing something about the millions who have to deal with cancer every day of their life. What do I know?

I know there's more good in this life than we know.

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