Monday, July 23, 2012


I posted this message below on Facebook last week. I was surprised by the heartfelt reactions so I'm posting it here, as written on July 20, 2012. Only thing else to say, is we never know when we'll see the people we love again, as life has a funny way of letting you know you're not in control of soooo many things.

Today in 1939, David Robert Johnston was given from God to Josephine and David Johnston––my Grandparents. My Father is an amazing person. I have learned from him to accept people for who they are. To embrace the differences in all of us. To express my love towards those who I care for the most. To share the things I have learned with others––if they are willing. To never stop learning myself. To embrace my faults. To be proud of my Hispanic heritage. To admit when I am wrong. To survive cancer. To allow my children to carve their own path and make mistakes along the way––but be there when they need it most. I learned to laugh from Dad. To love music. To look at things from a different perspective. To live life one day at a time. To treat everyone with respect. To fight for what I believe in as long as it doesn't come at the expense of others. To love sports and all the good that it teaches you. To appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. My Dad will not read this, as he does not "Facebook". But it will live on in "digital history". So those who do read this will know that I am the man I am today because of his love, guidance, patience and perspective. Love you, Dad. So glad you're still here. Happy Birthday.

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