Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Living To See Life

Every day I wake up is a blessing.

I was telling my friend, Kristen, that every day I walk out my front door I look up to the sky and smile. Even if it's raining, like today. Kristen is going through a tough time right now, as a close family member is battling cancer. (My prayers for you, Kristen). I related a saying my Father has spoken to me on more than one occasion--yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note and today is money in the bank--that is so very true. Because we ALL get caught up in wanting Friday to get here faster so we can start the weekend. Putting off calling a loved one who lives not-so-close to us. Take for granted how lucky we are, no matter what our financial situation or status in our jobs and life may be.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to welcome Kaleb, Grandson #4, make his grand entrance into our world. He was surrounded by love, near and far. He filled the room with hope, happiness and the miracle of birth. He looks my Adam, his Dad. (My Wife and Father both said as much). As I was looking at him--OK, fixated on him--I couldn't help but think about my own mortality. Here I was, in a hospital, with Jen hooked up via IV's and with no less than 8 other people in the room. Trying to not have flashbacks and trying to focus on the new life in front me.

I just embraced the scene. Thought of never forgetting this moment so one day I could tell Kaleb about him being born through my eyes. Watched Teresa melt. Hugged and kissed my Son. Because we sometimes forget that we come into this life with no fear--of death, disease, the unknown--and no concept of NOT enjoying the moment. Kaleb, welcome my Grandson. Kristen, enjoy the moments and time you have with those you love, who are here NOW. Life is a beautiful thing to see.

I feel fortunate to be living in the moment.

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