Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why The Long Wait?

I have putting off posting for a while because. (Sounds like an answer we all gave as a kid––"why did you give the cat a haircut, Greg?" "Because").

Here are my "becauses".

Because I've been in a "quote" writing style lately and I'm "all quote marked out".
Because I've been extra cynical. And sarcastic. And a nasty bastard.
Because I have too many things I want to write.
Because I just had another cancerversary and I've already posted about that once. Or twice.
Because I'm still having bouts with chemo brain.
Because computers can't write for me. Yet.
Because of daylight savings.
Because my dog ate my computer.
Because I can't fit it all in 140 characters.
Because life has been so great lately.
Because I don't want to repeat myself.
Because I don't want to repeat myself.
Because I don't want to repeat myself.
Because I want to write a post in Spanish.
Because I'm having to rewrite the document that the client revised––revising their own words. Again.
Because I was waiting for pigs to fly.
Because I was waiting for a monkey to jump out of my butt.
Because I was waiting for money to grow on trees.
Because the Lakers haven't lost since my last post. (Oh crap, now I did it).
Because my Halloween Party has dominated my life outside of work.
Because bullshit walks and money talks.
Because three years after my last cancer treatment, I've been wondering about if the cancer will come back.
Because I'm making a comeback. (Insert ridiculous, unattainable and fantastical comeback here).
Because people need me more than my blog needs me.
Because I promise the next post will have a video, a few links and a picture of Big Foot.

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